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A Digital Marketing Agency Focused On Instagram Growth
Here's how we find your ideal audience.
  •  Location Targeting: We find people in the right locations
  •  Hashtag Targeting: Who find people using the right hashtags
  •  Competitor Followings: We tap into pre-built audiences
  •  Following Size: We find accounts by small or large followings
  •  Engagement Rate: We find accounts by high and low engagement
Here's how we engage with them.
  • Following: We follow accounts that are likely to follow back
  • Unfollowing: We unfollow any accounts that don't follow you back
  • Likes: We like content of your target audience
  •  Comments: We can comment on content however, it's not always recommended
Here's what happens.
  • Profile Visits: Thousands of people will visit your profile every week
  • Lead Generation: People will direct message you about your offerings
  •  Website Traffic: People will click the link in your bio
  •  Followers: If people like your profile and content you'll gain followers
Strategy is everything.
Before we start any activity on your account, we set up a strategy call to make sure that you get the best results from our growth service. 

  • Bio optimization: Get set up to capture your targeted traffic
  • Branding: People need to understand your brand
  •  Content: Your content output needs to be organized
  •  Goals: Everything you do should be working towards a goal
Some Of Our Clients
"knw media grew an account of ours to 136,000 people in the Christian space. We recently took over the account with a new brand and we're about to change the world! "- @jesus_influencers

"Growing on Instagram everything! As a musician I need to get my talent out to the world and knw media is helping me do that. Follow me and you'll see for yourself! "- @Cole__Diamond
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